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The Blue Merry Cemetery

Graveyard in Sapanta (Rumania near Sighet)

Sapanta, small village 12km from Sighetu Marmatiei is known for two things: one is church, second is cemetery. But they are not ordinary church and cemetery.

The wooden church is claiming to be the tallest wooden structure in Europe. Has 75m high and looks crazy new. Tom commented in as adventure playground for kids, without any soul.

But Merry Cemetery is amazing. Created by Ioan Stan Patras, simple wood sculpturer, in 1935 became popular all over the world. He started painting in blue (color of hope and heaven) and carving all crosses of dead members of the village. On each of them he sculptured a story – private anecdote about the person.

And that’s how we can see who was a police man, who a teacher, who had two guys and was breaking other hearts… Interesting to see that almost all the women have black scarfs and are at home: in kitchen or living room. And boys own things: cars, tractors, horses, sheep or bottles.

Ioan Stan Patras died in 1977 but his student Dumitru Pop is continuing his art.

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