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Our Fijian lunch

Fiji: Vitalina fishing sweet water prawns on Ovalau Island

Learning – is probably the most important thing during our travels. Learning more about ourselves, learning to listen and understand the others, learning new skills. So here we go. How to prepare a nice lunch without a shop in Fiji?

You just need two things: a little stream and a coconut tree. Both – very common in Fiji. Our friend Vitalina, from a village we were staying at for some days, agreed to take us with her for a walk.

We found a proper muddy stream of sweet water, play a hippopotamus and learn how to find and catch the.. prawns. Vitalina is a master, so every time she put her hands under the water – she was able to find one. You don’t have to be too fast, it’s just about putting your hands in the places, where it’s maybe not that pleasantly to put them in ;)

The second thing is…“lolo“. Lolo is fresh and super yummy coconut cream (so much different than the one from the can at home!). How to make it? You just need to find an old coconut, quite a dry one. Open it and scrap the copra (this dried meat of the coconut). Then – add the water and press it together and squeeze and press. The liquid which is left is lolo.

Cook it together: the prawns in lolo, just for 10-15 minutes and here we go: a very nice lunch is ready. Enjoy your meal! Guten appetit! Smacznego!

PS 1. We try to do everything together with the local people. But they also wish to learn things from us or do it in our way. So after the breakfast – we prepare the coffee. First, all the people are bringing cups and glasses from all the houses, because in one house there is no chance for 30 glasses and this amount of people we have constantly around us ;) Then we make the coffee and we always try to get in advance some secret packages of cookies (I can’t live without the sweets!). Takes a lot of space in our backpacks: coffee and cookies, but what to do!?

PS 2. Sometimes it’s not so easy to combine two different habits: Fijians always want to wait with eating until we finish our meal. It’s also connected with the fact that there is usually not too much food, so they want the guests to eat first, and only then they can eat. We are used to eating together and only this kind of eating gives us happiness. And we are also aware that: the more we eat, the less they will, afterwards. But they are also happy, when we like the food and eat and eat and eat. And hot to put it together? ;)

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