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Between the destinations

Belize: On the mennonite lake in the evening; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Belize: On the mennonite lake in the evening; Photo: Thomas Alboth

We don’t just go from a place A to the place B. All the places on the way, where we sleep or cook – became memories itself.

Every day on our trip is different, we sleep almost each night in a different place, we try not to take the same roads and visit same people, but of course we have some rhythm. People often ask us how such a day looks like. Here we go.

Usually our girls make a competition with the sun: who will wake up first. So you can imagine that we don’t sleep too long. But since we don’t go to bed too late except the nights we work on the blog:), this is ok. So we wake up. First our means usually girls jumping on us, getting excited about things behind the windows (might it be a herd of sheep, colourful butterflies, a humming bird or people) and asking for milk. Good that the car is small and save, so we can still half-sleep this hour. Then dressing up (that’s sometimes a challenge when there are local people around) (having local people around means they are on our windows) and preparing the breakfast. If it doesn’t rain – we sit on the blanket outside, getting the first sun beams. Eating, cleaning up, jumping around, collecting berries, watching frogs, packing and not being in any hurry – takes long time. Once Mila starts to be tired: we sit in the car.

Motor on and girls are immediately sleeping. So we take out chocolate, turn on the music, take out the map, start and decide where to go today. We drive for an hour or two and when girls are awake – we stop. Depends if we are in the city, village, jungle, at the ocean or where – we spend a day in different way, but always looking for talks with people. Sometimes we cook on our own, often we eat in some small bars (if there are any). Around 16 we need to start looking for a place to stay for a night, because in Central America between 17 and 18 is already totally dark. And we want a place which is save, nice, equal (that the sleep is comfortable).

We always ask people around where is such a place and if we can stay there, very often we end up staying in their garden or in the very middle of a village, but it’s simply perfect from talking/observing perspective. Then evening meal, preparing the car for a night (from “driving option” into “a big bed option”), reading books, singing songs and at some point girls would sleep. The fact that it’s dark so early makes them faster tired and make stronger in the competition with the sun: who will wake up first.

Short story of calabash

Another interesting experience on the way: a big tree full of fruits. – How to eat this one? – we ask the Mayas. – This you can’t eat! It’s for making bowls, cups, lamps. Wanna make one? Just take one from the tree and take back home.

Calabash had been cultivated in Asia, Europe and the Americas for thousands of years before Columbus’s discovery of America and has many many different names around the world.

So we did take it. Hard job to open it (finally one guy with a saw helped us), then clean up and dry and dry and dry. We will take it home and let you know more later!


Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
See, read and order here »

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