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Hanna in the Kosmonaut Hostel

Hanna in the kitchen of the Astronaut Hostel in Lviv (Ukraina)

“The Kosmonaut Hostel is easily the most central, helpful, relaxed and convivial place in town. It’s all about atmosphere” – we read in the guide. Because it’s all about the atmosphere – we decided to go there. Reading more about washing machine and wi-fi – we were more and more sure that it’s place for us. Not so easy to find it in the backyard of Sichovykh Striltsiv street (Tom finally got into by the balcony) but – as Australian owner explained us – “if somebody cannot find this hostel, maybe he shouldn’t be guest of Kosmonaut?”.

Old big flat with cosy kitchen can accommodate around 40 people. For sure worth to recommend: thekosmonaut.com. With our room just next to the kitchen (which makes preparing milk at night easier) – we felt like at home very fast.

Only once they hosted a kid, but not as small as Hanna is. All the travelers met here also never seen the baby in the hostel. But Hanna feels fine, with her own bed she doesn’t mind about neighbors. Maybe only when she is not tired enough to go to bed and we wish that she could sleep – neighbors mind about her.

Cleaner is playing with Hanna, girls from reception are always smiling to her. I’m wondering if she recognize that Ukrainian is similar to Polish. She also heard first time in her life Japanese, from funny programmer Kuichi.

From news about Hanna: when I call her (“come to mama”, in Polish of course) – she is coming! Changing position (from back to belly) and crowing! Super sweet feeling.

We also started to use baby carrier which we got from Horyzont Shop (our small stroller would absolutely die on those paving stones in Lviv!). Hanna is still a bit sinking in it and it’s not the most comfortable bed when she is tired, but she discovered pleasure of looking around from above-mama’s-head perspective. And for mama – good to have hands free.

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  • Ula
    Posted April 30, 2010 at 17:05 | Permalink

    Haneczka z miseczką z jabłuszkami wygląda jak jabłuszko. Bardzo mi się podoba to zdjęcie, buziaki


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