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The Family Without Borders in Krasnoye in Transnistria (Moldova), Photo by Alex

At home in Transnistria



  In old shabby Soviet block there is living a family. With no warm water except winter but with warmest hospitality we met until now. Welcome to Crasnoe, tiny town in Transnistria.

5 years of traveling - traveling family kid

5 Years of Traveling Life



Today is a big day! Since exactly 5 years we are sharing our travel stories with the world. 30+ countries, some for a week, some for a month, as a family: mama journalist, papa photographer, little brave Hanna and little sweet Mila.

Why THERE with the kids?



Very important place during our Bosnia&Herzegovina trip was Srebrenica. A place where during the massacre in 1995 more than 8000 people were killed. Why do we go to such a place with our kids? I tell you why: because our travelling and our life is not only about our kids.

The right place to stop

Find the right place to sleep

travel tips


After telling you HOW do we sleep in our car, now it’s time to tell the story: WHERE. Since I have received quite some questions, maybe it’s good to put it into one post. 

Our bigger trips


Looking for Taka Tuka Land, 2014 So here we go: starting in New Zealand, and then jumping from island to island, from French Polynesia, through Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia to Solomon Islands. Will we find the pirates and Pippi‘s father? What else will we find in this world‘s least visited region? Since we are Read More

Trip: Around the Black Sea, The Family Without Borders

Our last trip: Around the Black Sea



Was an amazing time. 9 countries, 6 months and 3 people (including our 1 sweet baby). We met the Gypsy King in Moldova, became good friends with a poor family in autonomous republic Transnistria, fell in love with Crimean landscape, hated corrupted Russian police, had a good rest in Chechenyan villages in Georgia, melt in Read More