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10 best Christmas presents

Calendario Romano - Roman priests calendar 2015

Christmas soon! Few people have asked us what were the things which we found useful this year. And because we are happing you are asking, we will be happy to share our ideas with you!

1. Image Tank

For the bigger ones: No need to carry your laptop with you: you take out the memory card from your camera, put it into the tank and push the botton. So easy that not only Tom is doing it ;) It’s fast and big. You can easily do a world trip with it and still have enough space for your pictures! We still have the older NEXTO ND2730, but now you get in the shops only the Nexto ND2901 with USB 3.0. Such a device is copying 32GB in 7 minutes. If you find anything faster, let us know! The device takes any 2,5” HDD (if you have too much money, get an SSD – it takes less energy and is much faster) up to 2TB. That will last forever!

An Image tank - for downloading your images on the trip without laptop

2. Hammock

For everybody: It’s fun not only on the trips or in the park but also…at home! Since we have this one, our Hanna wants to sleep only in it, every night. Our home-made playground: girls are sitting, jumping, hanging and swinging every afternoon. And my place of reading. From Maya people in Mexico we also brought this „Hammock Sutra“ book, but somehow I cannot find it ;)

We have this one from Heangematten Gigant

3. Book

For the small ones: „O Grzesiu, chłopczyku, który nie przestawał zadawać pytań”. This was a book of our Pacific trip: many pages and even more questions. Perfect, because you can discuss with your kids for ours about every single page. „Why do kids fight?“, „Why are we naughty?“, „What is the death?“, „Why we are not the same?“ and many many more. No idea why I didn’t put it on the list of books, I was recommending some months ago.

Książka Wydawnictwa Znak!

książka: „O Grzesiu, chłopczyku, który nie przestawał zadawać pytań”

4. Game UNO

For everybody: Saved us in so many places! Rain, looong plane-train-bus tour, people in the other corner of the world, not speaking the same language: UNO game always helps! Under different names, this card game is known in every country. Also a great way to learn colors, numbers and concentration. Mila, before her 3rd birthday, was already winning with us.

For example: game UNO.

Uno card game - kids, hands


5. Book again!

For the bigger ones: „Poza Utartym Szlakiem”. This is a collection of travel-reportague stories, diverse and not simple. And one chapter is mine! ;) But not because of this I’m recommending it to you. The thing is that this December all money from the book will go to the kids in Tibet, financing their school education.

Read more about this great idea!

Peron4 book


6. Calendar

For the bigger ones: a holy&funny calendar for 2015. I have just brought it from the streets of Vatican and everybody is in love with it: all the girls, all the gays and even my grandmother! How nice priests are in this world ;) You can watch them all 2015 year long!


Calendario Romano - Roman priests calendar 2015

7. Ukulele

For everybody: Probably no need to explain why having a little ukulele is cool, hmm? It’s easy, small and handy, even for small hands. We are taking it with us on every trip (because the guitar is too big) and can have fun with it in a tiny island of Vanuatu as much as in the evening at home. And it’s never too late to start learning how to play! Have you seen anything sweeter than papa playing songs with his kids?

For example: Mahalo Sopran Ukulele 

Hanna playing ukulele with the boys in Vanuatu (South Pacific)

8. Doll

For the small ones: a very special doll. I saw it some days ago on the blog Zabawkator.pl and I love it! A little doll, which you can dress up and play with. But you can give her crutches, put the glasses on her nose, she might break her leg and have the cast, or sit on the wheelchair. Life! We still don’t have it but I will get one.

Here: www.wegirls.com

fot. - Ania Oka,  zabawkator.pl
fot. – Ania Oka, zabawkator.pl


9. Something personal

For everybody: something personal, with memories, hand-made! Nothing better than a very personalised present from somebody you love, no? Might bring back some memories from the past, from common moments. Not expensive but creative. This on the picture is a skirt, I have received in Vanuatu from a wife of the boss of the village. Tom changed it into the lamp and now it’s hanging above our bed.

10. Tickets

Last but not least! tickets!!! Because nothing bring us more happiness than travelling – every plane, train or bus ticket, or a coupon for a stay in some guest house or a hotel, any voucher for some travel-connected fun we give and we receive since years. If you still pack it together with a travel guide or a map or even just a simple leaflet about the region – this will motivate your beloved ones to really move her/his us from the couch and discover more of the world.

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
See, read and order here »


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