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Sharing HOME with others

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As a student you live with parents, in the students’ dorm or in the shared flat. Then, as a couple or fresh married couple – it also happens to live with friends (especially here: in Germany). But once the girl become pregnant – fast fast fast – everybody is moving in to their own place. Read More

Budapest (Hungary): 5th month pregnant with Hanna; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Pregnancy and travel

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Lately I have shared with you our sad pre-term stories. During that hard time I was thinking (much too much, like any other mother in this situation): if maybe I didn’t simply do too much during pregnancy: too much of sports, too much of travels. But all of the doctors say the same: if the Read More

Why THERE with the kids?

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Very important place during our Bosnia&Herzegovina trip was Srebrenica. A place where during the massacre in 1995 more than 8000 people were killed. Why do we go to such a place with our kids? I tell you why: because our travelling and our life is not only about our kids.

Cross-generations weekend

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Two generations have always separated us; today, 600km do too. As any grandmother would do, Wiesia came to visit her granddaughter and two trilingual baby great-granddaughters in the German capital for a weekend, to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Not always sunny

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„Is that true that your sweet girls were preterm??“ – I have received such an email. „Really really? And they are fine now? And does it mean that my little one can be also day…?“. This email was a motivation to share with you our sad story too.

Sarajevo (Bosnia): Cats on the roof; Photo: Anna Alboth

Sarajevo & Mostar – check the weather forecast

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There is one part of the travel preparations I really want to learn and have a serious problem with. We are usually not planning much, and this is ok. BUT putting together two facts: the time you go somewhere and the temperature you can expect there at this time, makes sense!

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