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Weightlifting angles of Lviv

Lviv market square

Two days walking through Lviv were kind of enough: On the old market square everywhere marriage couples with jumping around photographers and camera men. The old town is the only place where road is good enough that girls could run around with their wedding ultra high heels.

Beside this in the old town they have a nice background with sweet Austrian style buildings, churches, trees, monuments, people drinking coffee and beers outside. In short: everything you need for a remarkable pictures background. Old town is kind of lovely, partly but not too much renovated. People are outside and kind of satisfied. But those are the ones who can afford this.

If you leave this maybe one square kilometre big old town, you suddenly find yourself in a totally different world: every 50 meters a second hand shop with clothes “from Europe”, shops which just claim to be CHEEEEP, but mostly don’t tell what the offer. People are dressed with things which you could find in those European shops ten years ago. A kind of coffee you can only obtain in one of those tiny little corner beers bars, where light and fresh air are rarely seen. But still you look into friendly faces, especially when you run around with our small Hanna baby in the backpack.

One thing really worth to visit is the huge calm and calmly impressing Lychakiv Cemetery a bit outside of the city. The best is to walk there in maybe 40 minutes from old town or take on the way back a tram (No. 5 or 7). That’s a little adventure too: The tram wagon is close to jump out of the track in every moment. You are moving left and right and up and down like if you would sit on a camel, a permanent krrrrrgnngg krrrnnnngggg sounds of bursting wheels, in the curves weightlifting angles carry the train from one street to another. It’s a miracle, but after fifteen minutes we somehow arrived, got out of the tram like nothing happened. Thing like this happen there every day and you should try it!

So after three days it’s time to drive further from Lviv to the south in direction of the Carpathian Mountains. We leave with a mixed feeling: a nice to look at city, if you stay in down town, Soviet glamourless neighbourhoods if you leave it but still there no place, no special charm – maybe except a very special one on the cemetery – for which you should stay in Lviv for longer.

[gmap width=’607px’ height=’350px’ marker_lat=’49.840796′ marker_lon=’24.024157′ zoom=’6′ type=’G_NORMAL_MAP’]

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  • Kate
    Posted May 2, 2010 at 21:56 | Permalink

    Thomas, Ania is it possible to attach to every post also the photo of the map with the place you would maybe marked there? Too much to look for Lviv (other places) in the google…myself each time. But I am really curious to know where are you exactely. If possible.

  • Thomas Alboth
    Posted May 2, 2010 at 22:33 | Permalink

    Thank you for this tip. We will try to do manage, if it helps you ;)


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