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Sharing stories: Gorzów, Berlin, Wrocław

wroclaw_ targi turystyczne (poland)

Travel trade fairs, festivals, meetings with travellers – for us are an absolutely great opportunity to 1. move our asses outside of Berlin (every excuse is good!) and to 2. visit new places! Yes, shame of us that we have visited tiny villages of Guatemala and have never been before to Wrocław…

So now we’ve done that! In last weeks we had three slide-shows: in Gorzów (Multikulti project), in our Berlin (in the Globetrotter shop) and in Wrocław (during International Tourism Trade Show). Gorzow surprised us with the family atmosphere and tasty food in the Mishmash Restaurant, where everything took place. Berlin surprised us with the amount of people coming (in the whole big room there was only three of our friends, all the rest came… not because of the friendship reasons:). And in Wrocław, our girls were welcomed with huge lolly-pops. You can guess which city they liked the most!

And you know what? It is such a nice kick of positive energy when you can share our experiences and stories with real, smiling people, not only online. And after every weekend like this there are suddenly new visitors in our flat in Berlin and we also have new places to stay. No no, we don’t take part in those meetings to earn money, just to answer not-loudly-asked questions.

Where next? Lately we’ve received an invitation to.. Vienna. Let’s see if this will work out. Will keep you posted.

some photos made by phone  Nokia 808 PureView

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
See, read and order here »

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