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Into the clouds

Hanna and Tom Skiing in the Alps (Lech, Arlberg, Austria)

On the way to Austria, Hanna was mixing up the word „mountains“ (in Polish: góry) with word „clouds“ (in Polish: chmury). – When will we finally reach the clouds?! – she was asking.

Indeed, the time in the ski village Lech in region Arlberg in Austria is a bit like a different planet: because of the high, views but also… because of the people.

You look up the hill and have to blink your eyes: it’s simply too white. Snow groomers are driving from the early morning, dozens of threads of the ski lifts, together with their strong shadows, look on this snow like a path of ants somewhere in the Guatemalan jungle. Lifts with two seats each, with four seats, with eight seats. Hundreds of people, who – to be able to ski – had to buy not only skies but also special boots, special jackets, special trousers, special helmets, special sticks, special glasses google and special gloves. Most of them also have special underwear and special sun-glasses. Some: helmet’s cameras. Aha, and of course ski-passes, to access the ski lifts.

When I look on those kilometres of ski slopes, sometimes I can’t believe that all those was made just for one: that a human has an opportunity to… go downhill with two sticks on feet.

I know, I know: sport, adrenaline, passion… But when I was watching those German and Austrian kids, getting the medals from ski-school, having a „super-schick“ sun glasses on their noses and drinking a simple apple juice for 5 euros, I couldn’t stop thinking about kids in Guatemala, who – for the money spend on those glasses – could attend their school for few years.

I know, I know. Stupid thoughts.

But is the colour of the hat so important? If it fits to the jacket? Or to wear a real far or at least a tail of some far animal fixed to your helmet? Looks cool? All the talks around, all the not-much smile around. A bit not our fairy tail such a place.

But we spend the time with the grandparents and Hanna was extremely happy to learn skiing. The youngest in the ski-school, our small fighter was doing down the hill all day long.
And the views are awesome. And the sun is shining.


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  • Posted March 29, 2013 at 13:40 | Permalink

    I found your site yesterday and till now it became one of my most favourites. It’s really inspiring. And your thoughts comparising German and Guatemalan kids – I think it’s just a result of traveling, cause that’s what travels do – open out eyes. And now thanks to your blog I’m motivated to experience that feeling :)


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