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Ahhh Eua beautiful island!

Eua (Tonga): On the ferry; Photo: Thomas Alboth

So we are moving through Tonga! By the ferries, boats, hitch-hiking on some jeeps and sometimes on our 4 big and 4 small feet.

After the main island of Tonga, Tongatapu, we decided to make the first jump. To Eua, the oldest island around and one of the oldest on the Pacific Ocean (they say it’s 40 million years old!). Only 40km southeast. One longer road and 15 villages. We stayed at the very end of it.

Walking is not much fun, when it’s so hot and our girls became a big fans of hitch-hiking. Tongan people are super friendly and we have never waited longer than a minute to get on the car. Pick-ups are our favorites: – In Europe we have to sit in those stupid kids’ seats, here is so cooooool – girls like to scream through the noise of wind on the back.

On a 4WD jeep through the jungle

Eua (Tonga): We love hitchhiking on pickups; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Eua (Tonga): Our girls on the horse; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Eua (Tonga): Walking is nice, but slow and hot; Photo: Thomas Alb

Eua (Tonga): Walking on the seaside; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Also going by car lets you see more, it would be sometimes impossible for us to walk through the real dense jungle with mud up to your knees. Because to some places in Lokupo (Eua National Park) one can get only by 4WD jeep, we decided to pay for the petrol. And it was totally worth it!

On a 4WD jeep through the jungle

On a 4WD jeep through the jungle

Ana Ahu, so called “smoking cave” is a scary sink hole with a waterfall falling into it. You cannot see the end or hear the sound of a thrown stone.

Eua (Tonga): A waterfall with no end; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Eua (Tonga): A waterfall with no end; Photo: Thomas Alboth

And the “rat’s cave”, my god! If Lonely Planet guide would write something about the cave, this would be called “stunning view”. Without the local friends it would be impossible to find it: there is just a bigger stone with little hole on the bottom. You squeeze, get into the cave, crawl a bit and then… tadadada… a view on the hole jungle with parrots flying above. You could spend hours there, just looking down and breathing deep, if only you don’t have kids. In this other case, you will be dying of worry if they don’t fall down :)

Eua (Tonga): The entrance to the rats cave; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Eua (Tonga): In the rats cave; Photo: Thomas Alboth

The stunning view from the rats cave on Eua (Tonga)

Eua (Tonga): Farn trees; Photo: Thomas Alboth
Farn trees on Eua island (Tonga)

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  • Małgosia
    Posted June 14, 2014 at 05:58 | Permalink

    Stunning indeed : ) Your trip is super amazing and incredible!

    • Anna Alboth
      Posted June 30, 2014 at 10:39 | Permalink

      And it’s just better and better! Can’t wait to show to all of you more!

  • Posted June 14, 2014 at 08:09 | Permalink

    That waterfall looks absolutely amazing. I am glac you guy having fun! It is good to be far away from German rules isn’t it! ;) (I meant the car seats)

    • Anna Alboth
      Posted June 30, 2014 at 10:40 | Permalink

      it’s really good! soooo relaxing ;)

  • Posted July 1, 2014 at 05:43 | Permalink

    Great site! My family and I (husband and 4 kids) are just starting out on our travels and having other bloggers to read that are doing the same thing is encouraging. Thanks for posting.


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