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Hot Bruno likes snow

Bruno Banani - The Tongan participants in the 2014 winter olympics in Sochi

Since our first days in Tonga we kept on hearing about this guy. At the end we bumped into him on a small island. And his name is… Bruno Banani.

Some travellers told us that there was this crowd of screaming girls at the airport, when they arrived to Tonga. Some owner of a guesthouse told us that Tonga this year first time ever took part in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Somebody told us that the guy was born on an island called Eua but hasn’t lived there for years. And you know where have we been? On Eua of course!

So during our last 30 minutes on the island, when we were waiting for the boat back to the main island, somebody came to me and whispered: – Bruno Banani, there, loooook!

And that’s how I met Bruno. When I looked at him I thought that I can also talk with him alone and don’t need Tom for the picture ;) And Bruno’s story is kind of sweet, almost as he!

He was born on Eua as… Fuahea Semi. Nope, his name was not always the same as a sexy underwear made in Germany. And yes, he was the one and only, until now, representative of the Kingdom of Tonga during Winter Olympics. In… luge!

How did it happen? He was a young computer science student, who has never seen snow in his life. But some Germans came to Tonga, organized the casting and took him to Europe for trainings (chosen from only 20 guys). In the meantime (ekh ekh) he started to promote a Coconut Power (even if his father was not a coconut farmer;) new line of underwear and… changed his name into Bruno Banani. Interesting way of marketing ploy? Oh yes.

„A perverse marketing idea!“ – commented the vice president of International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach. – „That’s in bad taste“. But they couldn’t do anything, Bruno Banani was going down the luge track, while – indirectly – being a purveyor of knickers and bras.

– I really like Germany and Wiesbaden. And I really like luge! – Bruno told me. Good he likes, no? ;)


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