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2016 - what we don't wish you

2016 what we don’t wish you!

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People say that it’s good to experience everything in life, just in the right amount and in a right time. But what if we try to focus in 2016 on the better things?

How to Help a Refugee in Berlin

How to Help a Refugee in Berlin?

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Thousands of hands to help, thousands of volunteers in Berlin are spending their free time to support the newcomers. And there is still thousands of things to be done! And you can also help.

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Letter to a refugee

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During our campaign for the refugees in Berlin, we have already collected so fare more than 1,500 sleeping bags! And most of them had a letter inside. What a letter!

Refugees: taking action

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I’m not afraid of differences, but I understand such a fear. But I am afraid of hate. Will you help me to show Polish (and not only Polish) empathy?

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