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Armenia: Border to Nakhchivan (Azerbaijani: Naxçıvan Muxtar Respublikası)

Nakhchivan? Where??

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How many of you knows what this Nakhchivan is? Where is it exactly, how big, how beautiful? From this post you will get to know why even we didn’t visit this autonomous republic.

Bottle house in Ganja (Azerbaijan)

Bye bye Baku

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So from now on we will go only west. Last meetings with friends, last interview, last car workshop visit… and driving into direction of Georgia. Our visa will expire in two days.

Rider on the way to Laza (near Quasar; Azerbaijan)

Going north, to Lezgins

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Too hot in Baku to stay there any longer. But luckily we have friends which have a sweet house in the mountains, on the north, in Qusar – in the capital of Lezgins, one of the ethnic minority group in Azerbaijan.

boat which goes to the oil plattforms in the Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan)

Our warm Caspian bath

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So here we reached the most eastern point of our trip: still beyond Baku, small town Zira, the Caspian Sea beach and Artyom Island.

Too hot Baku

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In this biggest Caucasus’ city I have learnt something about myself: I can have too much of the sun! 42 Celsius degrees didn’t let us discover as much as we wanted.

Village Lahic in North Azerbaijan

1st birthday, on the north

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Getting closer to Hanna’s first birthday, we spend some days in northwestern Azerbaijan, where rivers are not made by water but stones.

On the Georgian border to Azerbaijan

Welcome to Azerbaijan

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After super-relaxed Georgia time for empty and dry Azerbaijan with different religion, far to many pictures of the president in each village and hot as bath Caspian Sea.

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