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The Family Without Borders - Familie ohne Grenzen - 2013

See you next year!!

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Just a short: HAPPY NEW YEAR for you all! We are very happy to have so many readers and want to make a little summery of this year 2013.

Under the table sheet you have to put some hey - a Polish Christmas tradition reminding you to Jesus birth; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Polish Christmas: Don’t panic.

Poland Likes

Christmas in Poland is one of the beautiful things, connected with marrying a Polish girl. I am from Germany, to be more correct East Germany, where Christmas was totally demystified. An angel was called end of year character with wings and Christmas Jahresendfest – end of year celebration. Whooohooo. Do you feel the marxist romanticism? Read More

Photo prints for free

Present! Photo prints for free

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We love printing our pictures! To hang them, to cut, to make our own special photo albums. And we are very happy we can give you (ALL OF YOU!) this present: prints of your pictures for free.

Travelling with Kids: In the airplane

Traveling with kids: by plane

Travel tips: with kids Likes

Let’s start with the plane. In next posts from series „trip-with-kid“ will be about travelling by train, by car, on foot. But plane usually scares parent’s the most. So many hours, so many people. So what?

Sweet and cheap: couchsurfing

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Bringing home a beautiful Danish girl, who will sleep half-naked in our room? No no, this would be too much ;) But Danish couple, or Palestinian family or brothers from Chile – yes yes, we really love the couchsurfing idea.

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