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Hanna playing with our passports

Russian visa: to win the battle!!

Ukraine Likes

Russia, here we come! After more than one month fight for our visas we almost lost our hope. But Russian embassy in Ukraine is much nicer than in Moldova and… we won our small battle.

Bathing in the Odessa Port (Ukraine)

Relax if you can

Ukraine Likes

While checking out the industrial neighborhood of Odessa we found this place. Shabby stones, old roasted stakes, dirty water and happy people having fun.

Hanna waking up at the Black Sea near Illichivsk (Odessa; Urkaine)

IN the sea

Ukraine Likes

Just short visit to Odessa (to take care about some official papers) and lovely place just at the sea. The Alboth Family first time really swimming in the Black Sea!

Cows in the Dniestr Liman (Ukraina)

Waking up with cows, in Ukraine!

Ukraine Likes

Tiny border crossing between Moldova and Ukraine (this time not through Transnistria) and first stop at Dniester Liman. And then we met friendly party people with too good cognac. Was a hard morning with… cows.

Welcome in Soroca (Moldova); Photo: THomas Alboth

Bye bye Moldova

Moldova Likes

At the beginning I couldn’t get used to funny Moldovan bank-notes which looks for me like Monopoly money. Now after almost a month, when I know them very well, we are leaving.

Restraurant Hanul lui Hanganu in Lalova (Moldova) on the Dniestr River

Worth to visit: Hanul lui Hanganu

Moldova Likes

At the end of Moldovan world, after long long awful roads (“Drum in lucru” – means road during renovation but we didn’t see any renovation!) – in small Lalova village we found a lovely place: to stay for night or to eat.

Waterfall near the Saharna Monastery in Moldova (Photo: Thomas Alboth)

Sweet small waterfall

Moldova Likes

In Saharna, less than 100 km north from Chisinau you can find something for your soul and something for your eyes.

Republic Gagauziya in Moldova

Visiting Gagauzia

Moldova Likes

That was a day when Hanna was repeating all the time: “GAGA GAGA”. So our destination was clear: Gagauzia, another autonomous region of Moldova, when Christian Turks are living.

Monastry Orheiul Vechi (Moldova)

A real monk in the real cave

Moldova Likes

Fairy place (like the picture photoshoped by Tom, heh – the original one you find inside the post): cave monastery Orheiul Vechi. The room was filled with the smell of garlic. And we met a real monk.

The Family Without Borders in Krasnoye in Transnistria (Moldova), Photo by Alex

At home in Transnistria

Moldova Likes

  In old shabby Soviet block there is living a family. With no warm water except winter but with warmest hospitality we met until now. Welcome to Crasnoe, tiny town in Transnistria.

Girl with Tank in Tiraspol (Transnistria; Moldova)

In the capital of Smirnov’s empire

Moldova Likes

The town (like all Transnistria) is lead by Sheriff Smirnov, on the streets a lot of Renault Espace cars (so we felt very welcome) and… smiling faces: after 3 years I came back to Tiraspol.

Roma Kids in Soroca (Moldova)

Meeting the “Gypsy King” and his people

Moldova Likes

The most what Hanna liked was jewelery and golden teeth. We liked the most smiling eyes and real family feelings. Warm soup, freshly baked cake and sweet cherries to take with us. Not much time is needed to get through social structures: from talking with kids to drinking with the “king”.


How is Hanna?

BulgariaMoldovaRomania Likes

Today Hanna is 10 months old! Last weeks were a crazy fast change of life with her. And I’m not talking about different countries or climates – but discovering the world.

In the park in Chisinau (Moldova)

Living in Chisinau

Moldova Likes

Neighborhood of Parcul Valea Morilor in Chisinau. Shopping bread in the morning, visiting hospital, having police meeting, fighting with embassies. We are living a Chisinau life.

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