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Bosnia: Lukomir; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Above the present days

Bosnia Likes

Little stone houses, 3 metres of snow in the winter and only 15 grannies and grandpas – the highest located village of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Lukomir, will stay in our memories.

(Bosnia): Kravica Waterfalls; Photo: Anna Alboth

Hot, wet, cold, blue: Bosnia.

Bosnia Likes

From the several theories about where does the name „Bosnia“ come from, I believe it this one: „bosana“ means water. Fabulous rivers, countless springs, turquoise lakes, breathtaking waterfalls and streams here and there. Thanks to them we survived 42 degrees and we fell in love with another country.

Oscypkis and ciupagis

Poland Likes

Kitsch and crowd? Oldschool charm? After many many years I simply had to come back to Zakopane, the heart of Polish highest Tatra mountains. To see how much of my childhood memories are still there, to show it to Tom and the girls. So… yes, some memories are alive.

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