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Tbilsi: folk festival

Our (?) Tbilisi

Georgia Likes

Georgian capital is the first place we seriously consider as a place to come back for longer. People, city structure, food – so many people have already told us that Tbilisi is “their place on earth”. Maybe ours too?

Ultrasound: the new Alboth (Baby; Georgia)

We’ll be back in 4!

Georgia Likes

Many people on our way told us that we should make more babies because Hanna is so sweet and smart. So… we took it serious and our family without borders will come back to Berlin from the Black Sea trip a bit enlarged.

Khankali (Georgian food) from Pankisi Valley

Khinkali from Pankisi

Georgia Likes

Mniam mniam mniam – one of the very meaningful phrase of our Hanna. Georgian speciality: khinkali, in Pankisi taste better than anywhere else.

Hannas first watermelon in pankisi (Georgia)

Pankisi: living between Chechens

Georgia Likes

– Better not go to Pankisi valley just like this, people there are not so open – we heard in before. And during three our days there we had absolutely perfect hosts and we felt more welcome than anywhere.

Hanna in Kazbegi (Georgia; Caucasus)

Georgia is gorgeous

Georgia Likes

So we reached the point in which we are a bit afraid that we will not see anything more impressing on our way. We visited Kazbegi, in the heart of Caucasus Mountains.

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