The Family Without Borders

The Travelling family

Camping: Hanna watching papa

Camping means freedom for the baby

Romania Likes

After three nights which we spend on camping outside – we are sure that Hanna simply loves it. Sitting on the sun without diapers, playing with grass, sticks and bugs.

On the way - Railway in Urkraine

Stop right now.

Romania Likes

On holidays you have a lot of free time? Right? That’s why I took with me many old newspapers which I didn’t finish reading, small pieces of papers with notes about countries we are going to, few not-started-yet books. because during holidays there is time for reading. Nothing more wrong!

Hanna meets a one day old sheep

Making fresh cheese

Romania Likes

On the way through the northern Romanian mountains a small camp of shepherds attracted our attention. First they tried to gather some runaway cows and then we saw that the obviously make fresh sheep cheese.

Farmer in front of a wooden Gates in the Vadu (valley) Izer / Romania

The Summer says Hello in Romania

Romania Likes

Real summer together with first night sleeping in the car. Night with adventures because maybe around 3am four young shepherds decided not to let us sleep, where lighting with torch and knocking on our windows.

border ukraine romania color

The most beautiful border

Ukraine Likes

Our last day of western Ukraine was very green. I have no English words to describe all those sorts of green! We crossed the most beautiful border I have ever seen: between Ukrainian and Romanian mountains, through “our” Tysa river (we met it on our trip to mountains, as a small baby river).

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