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Don’t trust the strangers?

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Don’t talk with strangers, don’t take candies from them, don’t trust. Damm it, I have a little problem with this statement.

Barcelona (Spanien) Reise mit dem Rollstuhl,

3 subjective reasons to travel

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I took my brother and my sister for a tiny trip to Barcelona not only to just be with them, but also to show them 3 things, which make that I love travelling so much. 

Barcelona (Spain): With a wheelchair

He can’t walk, but can fly!

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When I was buying the flights, I mentioned that my brother Kuba is disable person, using his wheelchair and needs support at the airport.

Challenge accepted!

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The Family Without Borders? Writing about travelling and about the family? And about crossing the borders? Let’s check it out.

WTF is Bahrain??

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Be careful what you wish for! Some years ago, when I was in Jordan, I met few very smiling people from Bahrain. From where? Yes, I also had no idea about this island – a tiny country, in the heart of the Persian Gulf.

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