What we learnt during our trips is easy:

…that people are good, everywhere.

And thanks to THOSE people our trips are easier:

Around the Black Sea Trip 2010: Ania M. and Damian in Cracow, parents of Zuza in Trzebownisko, Neil in Lviv, the family at Ukrainian/Romanian border, Geta and Bogdan in Oradea, Dana and Adrian in Cluj, Andrei in Bucharest, Luisa in Bucharest, Ania, Costin and Magda in Bucharest, Boris and Sveta in Varna, Dumitru in Chisinau, Viorica  in Chisinau, Cristina in Chisinau, Dragostin in Chisinau, the Roma King in Sorocca, Vasil and his family in Sorocca, the Transnistrian family, the guy in the Russian embassy in Odessa, bikers’ team at Crimea, the family near Artek, petrol station’s woman in Beslan, Eva in Tbilisi, Alex in Tbilisi, Jakub in Tbilisi, David in Tbilisi, Theresa in Tbilisi, Elgun and the family in Baku,  Leyla and Afsana in Baku, Esmira in Ganja, Akin in Baku, Stepan in Yerevan, Aszot and his family in Armenia, Elfi in Yerevan, Vladimir somwhere on the way, Aygen in Ankara, Taner in Ankara, Guliz and mama in Bursa, Reuben in Sofia,  Mariya in Burgas, Marina in Sofia, Melanie and Astghik in Krarabakh, Iva in Kazbegi, , Bella and all the others in Pankisi, Heike from Sofia to Belgrade, Samse and Till at the airport in Berlin.

All the slide-shows: Przemek from Wloczykij Festival, Asia from Poludnik Zero, Beata from SKG, Jas from Stowarzyszenie Mlodych Dziennikarzy Polis, Joanna from Instytut Reportazu/Wrzenie Swiata, Andrzej from Klub Podroznik, Albin from Klub Podroznikow Srodziemie, Jagoda, Grzegorz and all Peron 4, Ania and Piotr from Opowiadamy o Swiecie, Christoph and Madeleine from Betahaus.

Between the Oceans Trip 2011: Maria in Cancun, Lili and Paloma in Cancun, Erhard in Cancun, Magda and Ricardo in Cancun, again Lili in San Angel, Kay and Chris and kids in Tulum, Tomas in Palenque, some couple of fishermen in Sabancuy, Malgosia in San Cristobal, the man of the border with Guatemala, a family of Mam Maya in the mountains, Glan in San Marcus the Laguna, Katrin and Victor in Guatemala City, guys from El Paradon, Marleen in Antigua, Angel in Saloma, the Guatemalan border officer in Copan Ruinas…