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Jestesmy z powrotem!

Happy together: The Family Without Borders in four

Po dluuuugich tygodniach w szpitalu – nareszcie wrocilismy do domu. Czas marzyc dalej.

Not every pregnancy is nice and easy. But we have already known it from the first time: when Hanna didn’t want to stay in the belly and jumped out 6 weeks too early. I believe that Mila simply wanted to beat her sister and was born 8 weeks too early. Our fast, curious about life, girls.

Counting together my time in the hospital (to prolong the risky pregnancy as long as possible) and Mila’s getting bigger and stronger in the incubator box – we spend in Berlin hospital 15 weeks. Way too long.

Now we are finally home, girls are getting to know each other and we have more time to start travel preparations again. In 6 months we want to start our next family trip, to Central America. Starting in Mexico, driving south through Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Now it’s time for the logistics: flights, shipping the car through Atlantic Ocean, making contacts, looking for nice sponsors, reading about all the corners of those countries and visiting grandparents, of course. And updating the blog!

Nasza książka już do kupienia!

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