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Podzielic sie historiami

Wloczykij Travellers Festival in Poland, The Family Without Borders

Festiwal Podroznikow „Wloczykij to fenomenalna impreza dla wszystkich tych, ktorzy chca sie dzielic swoimi doswiadczeniami z innymi. I my tez zostalismy tam zaproszeni! A podczas naszej prezentacji zabraklo siedzen w sali kinowej i sluchacze musieli siedziec na podlodze.

„Wloczykij” in Polish is a very sweet version of „traveler”. All the Festival takes place on the Polish-German border, in town called Gryfino. Nice, very active house of culture is for ten days full of travelers and public from whole Poland.

We had 55min to show our pictures and tell stories from the most colorful six months we have ever had. Quite a challenge! A bit spontaneous and chaotic talk gave us a lot of applause and very warm words from dozens of people.

Unfortunately Hanna got bored very fast (come on, she has seen those pictures thousands times!) and we couldn’t share the pleasure of talking: Tom was playing with her outside of the room for most of the time. Every try of entering the room ended up with loud „mamaaaaa!”.

But still – it was a very good experience to be able to share the stories in a more direct way than the blog. To see eyes of „receivers”, to hear them laughing, to talk with them afterwards. When only our small Mila leaves the hospital we will plan more photo+stories meetings in Warsaw and Berlin. And maybe somewhere else? Any tips where?

More about „Wloczykij” Festival: www.wloczykij.com

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