The Family Without Borders

The Travelling family

EN: Slimnic (Transilvania, Romania) / DE: Stolzenburg (Siebenbuergen/ Romania)

Pieces from around the Fagaras Mountains

Romania Likes

Million places to see but we cannot stay in Transzlvania forever. So just brief stays, walks and talks in the heart of the country: small village Slimnic, in two important cities: Sibiu and Brasov and part of Transfagaras Road.

Our Car on the Romanian way

Not always sun

Romania Likes

In Romania it’s not always sunny, we had storms and rain too. But we liked it!

Salt Mina (Salina) in Turda (Romania)

Visiting the moon: Salt Mine in Turda

Romania Likes

In Turda, not far from Cluj-Napoca we visited Salt Mine. Knowing just that it’s big and old – we came downstairs, with Hanna packed in warm clothes. And that was the most surrealistic surprise ever! In the hole after the the bell.shaped salt mine (opened in 1271!) there is an amazing modern playing ground.

Thank you car god

Crossing the National Park by car

Romania Likes

After spending calm time in Oradea, we obviously needed some adventures. Visiting Bear Cave was not enough, we drove to Cluj-Napoca through Apuseni Mountains, National Park. With average speed 10km/hour. For 6 hours!

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