The Family Without Borders

The Travelling family

A road sign near Tiblissi (Georgia)

Nice even in the whore-house

Georgia Likes

First few hours in Georgia: absolutely lovely valley in Adjura and super friendly and helpful people (including whore-house staff and… the police). Did we find our place on earth?

The Russian road police (DPS) is knocking on our window

Russian road police: Shoot back!

Russia Likes

Every morning the same game: Maybe a fast cigarette with shaking, sweating hands before starting?  Shit I don’t smoke anymore. Or a sip of vodka? Bullshit, it’s morning. I feel like puking – have to find to a tree. I am sick. Starting the car means inevitable consequences. I feel just like in school times Read More

romanian police car (dacia)

A smiling Romanian police

Romania Likes

First time stopped by police (not counting night visit of border police during our camping)! I think they were just curious why we are passing by same village four times.

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