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Weekend trip with kids to Poznan (Poland)

Chill out in Poznan: A Trip with Kids

Poland Likes

Once I fell in love, in Poznan. But it was long long time ago and it’s not very much connected with our family travelling ;) It was time to come back to this Polish city, in four. And now I fell in love with Poznan itself.

Don’t trust the strangers?

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Don’t talk with strangers, don’t take candies from them, don’t trust. Damm it, I have a little problem with this statement.

Travelling with Kids: In the airplane

Traveling with kids: by plane

Travel tips: with kids Likes

Let’s start with the plane. In next posts from series „trip-with-kid“ will be about travelling by train, by car, on foot. But plane usually scares parent’s the most. So many hours, so many people. So what?

Not always sunny

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„Is that true that your sweet girls were preterm??“ – I have received such an email. „Really really? And they are fine now? And does it mean that my little one can be also day…?“. This email was a motivation to share with you our sad story too.

Cross the kids’ borders

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How many kids are running away when they see Kuba? How many are afraid? And why my girls’ favourite game is to slide down from his knees to the footrest of his wheelchair?

Hanna makes pictures, in Bosnia

Bosnia Likes

During our little holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hanna had her 4th birthday. What to give her? Books she has, toys she makes, more clothes she doesn’t need… Tom started to think what would make him happy and… answer was easy: a photo camera!

Mila and Anna in the grass

What we don’t need?

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One parents’ magazine made an interview with us. But then they told us they cannot publish it. Why? Because they would loose their advertisement clients. Why?? Because we don’t need gadgets.

Kids in the Artek Camp on Crimea (Ukraine)

Artek: my socialist childhood dream

Ukraine Likes

Artek since my school time and Russian lessons was for me a place very close to heaven. The place you will be only able to reach if you lived a good life: behaving well to teachers, having good marks, being a good socialist boy, always helping mama, standing up for older people in the tram, Read More

Mount Hoverla Ukrains hightest Mountain

On the top of Ukraine: Mount Hoverla

Ukraine Likes

National Park welcomed us with barrier and questions from the park worker “but why you want to go there?”. Was not so easy to explain that we just want to walk a bit and see highest mountains of Ukraine.

Lviv market square

Weightlifting angles of Lviv

Ukraine Likes

Two days walking through Lviv were kind of enough: On the old market square everywhere marriage couples with jumping around photographers and camera men. The old town is the only place where road is good enough that girls could run around with their wedding ultra high heels.

Hanna in the kitchen of the Astronaut Hostel in Lviv (Ukraina)

Hanna in the Kosmonaut Hostel

Ukraine Likes

“The Kosmonaut Hostel is easily the most central, helpful, relaxed and convivial place in town. It’s all about atmosphere” – we read in the guide. Because it’s all about the atmosphere – we decided to go there. Reading more about washing machine and wi-fi – we were more and more sure that it’s place for Read More

On the Polish-Ukrainian border station Korczowa

Into the east: Welcome to the Ukraine

PolandUkraine Likes

Because we decided not to make too long car driving every day – we still had one stop for night in Poland, in the middle of the way Cracow-Lviv. Visiting Zuza’s parents in Trzebownisko, near Rzeszow was like coming back home, under care of somebody calm and familiar. Drinking, like at home from Nescafe cups Read More

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