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Cows in the Dniestr Liman (Ukraina)

Waking up with cows, in Ukraine!



Tiny border crossing between Moldova and Ukraine (this time not through Transnistria) and first stop at Dniester Liman. And then we met friendly party people with too good cognac. Was a hard morning with… cows.

Welcome in Soroca (Moldova); Photo: THomas Alboth

Bye bye Moldova



At the beginning I couldn’t get used to funny Moldovan bank-notes which looks for me like Monopoly money. Now after almost a month, when I know them very well, we are leaving.

Girl with Tank in Tiraspol (Transnistria; Moldova)

In the capital of Smirnov’s empire



The town (like all Transnistria) is lead by Sheriff Smirnov, on the streets a lot of Renault Espace cars (so we felt very welcome) and… smiling faces: after 3 years I came back to Tiraspol.




What we learnt during our trips is easy: …that people are good, everywhere. And thanks to THOSE people our trips are easier: Around the Black Sea Trip 2010: Ania M. and Damian in Cracow, parents of Zuza in Trzebownisko, Neil in Lviv, the family at Ukrainian/Romanian border, Geta and Bogdan in Oradea, Dana and Adrian in Read More