The Family Without Borders

The Travelling family

Mexico, Chiapas: Market in San-Lorenzo

Chiapas’ diversity

Mexico Likes

And each of the villages has its own clothing, language, beliefs and customs. And maybe even 1/3 of the people don’t speak Spanish! And from those jungles came the rebel movement of Zapatista, which is fighting for a democratic change of indigenous rights. Chiapas: an amazing state of Mexico.

Republic Gagauziya in Moldova

Visiting Gagauzia

Moldova Likes

That was a day when Hanna was repeating all the time: “GAGA GAGA”. So our destination was clear: Gagauzia, another autonomous region of Moldova, when Christian Turks are living.

Roma Kids in Soroca (Moldova)

Meeting the “Gypsy King” and his people

Moldova Likes

The most what Hanna liked was jewelery and golden teeth. We liked the most smiling eyes and real family feelings. Warm soup, freshly baked cake and sweet cherries to take with us. Not much time is needed to get through social structures: from talking with kids to drinking with the “king”.

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