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Don’t trust the strangers?

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Don’t talk with strangers, don’t take candies from them, don’t trust. Damm it, I have a little problem with this statement.

Travelling with Kids: In the airplane

Traveling with kids: by plane

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Let’s start with the plane. In next posts from series „trip-with-kid“ will be about travelling by train, by car, on foot. But plane usually scares parent’s the most. So many hours, so many people. So what?


Not always sunny

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„Is that true that your sweet girls were preterm??“ – I have received such an email. „Really really? And they are fine now? And does it mean that my little one can be also day…?“. This email was a motivation to share with you our sad story too.


Cross the kids’ borders

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How many kids are running away when they see Kuba? How many are afraid? And why my girls’ favourite game is to slide down from his knees to the footrest of his wheelchair?

(Bosnia):  ; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Hanna makes pictures, in Bosnia

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During our little holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hanna had her 4th birthday. What to give her? Books she has, toys she makes, more clothes she doesn’t need… Tom started to think what would make him happy and… answer was easy: a photo camera!