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Packlist for a family outdoor backpack trip

Family outdoor packlist

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2 adults and 2 little kids? For 4 months? Camping? In cold New Zealand and on hot South Pacific islands? And you have only those 2 backpacks?? – people are asking us. Well, everything had to fit into 2 backpacks. And all had to be light enough to carry it. Let’s have a look inside!


New Zealand – a country for you?!

New Zealand Likes

You have this picture in mind of far away New Zealand: freeeeee, wild and empty? Hmmm. It’s not. But it’s for sure a good country for the travel-beginners: very easy and very beautiful.

Camping: Hanna watching papa

Camping means freedom for the baby

Romania Likes

After three nights which we spend on camping outside – we are sure that Hanna simply loves it. Sitting on the sun without diapers, playing with grass, sticks and bugs.