The Family Without Borders

The Travelling family

Ayshe Bakhchysaray Usta (work)shop (Ukraine; Crimea)

Charm of Crimean Tatar’s souls

Ukraine Likes

Crimean Tatars, their tradition and culture – best place to go is USTA workshop of Ayshe Osmanova and her husband Lutfi in Bakchysaray.

Valery, the archaeologist from Bakhchasaray (Ukraine; Crimea)

Mysterious man: Valery, the archeologist

Ukraine Likes

Strange thing has happened to us and I’m still not sure what to think about it. We met (maybe) an archeologist, which was (maybe) doing the excursion about old Armenian monastery and is (maybe) living in nearby cave.

The cave city in Bakhchysaray (Ukraine; Crimea)

Bakhchysaray: palace or cave?

Ukraine Likes

The name of the town means “garden palace” and the place (or at least the name of the place) itself is well known in Poland thanks to poet Adam Mickiewicz. But obviously he hasn’t seen the caves!!

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