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5 Years of Traveling Life

5 years of traveling - traveling family kid

Today is a big day! Since exactly 5 years we are sharing our travel stories with the world. 30+ countries, some for a week, some for a month, as a family: mama journalist, papa photographer, little brave Hanna and little sweet Mila.

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Let the Georgians talk

Let the locals talk - Georgia

About the beautiful country, about their hobbies, about the money, about their free time, about the past – it’s time to give a space on our blog to the others!

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Chill out in Poznan: A Trip with Kids

Weekend trip with kids to Poznan (Poland)

Once I fell in love, in Poznan. But it was long long time ago and it’s not very much connected with our family travelling ;) It was time to come back to this Polish city, in four. And now I fell in love with Poznan itself.

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