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9th world’s poorest country: Madagascar

Bus station in Antananarivo (Tanna, Madagascar), Taxi Brousse, Taxi B

Just imagine a city a size of Berlin. And that only 10% of the people have access to the water. Just imagine tiny kids, who have just learnt to walk, and are walking naked on the superbusy streets, between expensive toyota jeeps and their exhaust fumes. Poverty on the streets of Tana hurts a lot.

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Look INTO Kashan in Iran

Kashan Iran - Places to see

Leaving Tehran, we decided to go south. We like to look on the map, point some little, not very recommended place and take a local bus. That’s how we ended up spending most of Iranian time in and around… Kashan.

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Paying Abroad: How ATMs and Shops Trick You?!

Money ATM Exchange foreign country traveling

Did you know that withdrawing money abroad can cost you a lot of money: sometimes for 100 Euros you can pay 10 Euros fees. The same can happens while paying in a shop with your credit card. It probably also already happened to you. You just didn’t notice. We tell you some tricks how avoid this Read More

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