The Family Without Borders

The Travelling family



Church music in Tonga. Wow.

Churches of Tonga, watch the video

We are not exactly the people, who would visit few churches every Sunday! But in Tonga – it’s not only a mass but the most important social and community time. And the concert! Switch into HD quality and listen.

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New Zealand


Just a day on the road

Video: A Day of the Family Without Borders in New Zealand

During traveling so much things is going on. But the paradox is that we remember all of it: what was our morning view, what did we eat for breakfast and who did we meet. To give you a feeling about our typical day in New Zealand, we made this video. Wanna join us? ;)

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equipmentTravel tips: with kids


Family outdoor packlist

Packlist for a family outdoor backpack trip

2 adults and 2 little kids? For 4 months? Camping? In cold New Zealand and on hot South Pacific islands? And you have only those 2 backpacks?? – people are asking us. Well, everything had to fit into 2 backpacks. And all had to be light enough to carry it. Let’s have a look inside!

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