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How to Help a Refugee in Berlin

How to Help a Refugee in Berlin?

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Thousands of hands to help, thousands of volunteers in Berlin are spending their free time to support the newcomers. And there is still thousands of things to be done! And you can also help.

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Letter to a refugee

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During our campaign for the refugees in Berlin, we have already collected more than 1,500 sleeping bags! And most of them had a letter inside. What a letter!

Honduras, San Manuel: Hanna breaking Lenca's hearts; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Refugees: taking action

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I’m not afraid of differences, but I understand such a fear. But I am afraid of hate. Will you help me to show Polish (and not only Polish) empathy?

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School starts soon

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Until now we were totally free: travelling for 4, 5 or 6 months in a row, not being fixed with full time job, everything was dependent on our will, time and cash. Now we will have to stop…

Portugal Travel: Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Attraktions, Storks, Animals, Ciconia ciconia

Secrets of white stork in… Portugal

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A white stork. I look at it and I immediately feel like a summer holidays. In Poland. On a village. Since my childhood. But wait: it’s not a remote village at the border with Belarus, we are in Portugal and the storks are sitting not on the roof of an old stable but on the Read More

Kids are travelling

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Parents like to travel also without their kids. Do the kids like to travel without the parents, what do you think? And when to start this?