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Don’t trust the strangers?

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Don’t talk with strangers, don’t take candies from them, don’t trust. Damm it, I have a little problem with this statement.

Barcelona (Spanien) Reise mit dem Rollstuhl,

3 subjective reasons to travel

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I took my brother and my sister for a tiny trip to Barcelona not only to just be with them, but also to show them 3 things, which make that I love travelling so much. 


WTF is Bahrain??

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Be careful what you wish for! Some years ago, when I was in Jordan, I met few very smiling people from Bahrain. From where? Yes, I also had no idea about this island – a tiny country, in the heart of the Persian Gulf.

Warsaw (Poland); Im Hotel ohne Kinder; Photo: Anna Alboth

With or without kids

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- So you were travelling for those weeks or months with kids?? – No, without – we like to answer. And you know that people are not always surprised?


Death + travelling :(

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Exactly 2 years ago, we were sitting in some tiny cafe in the mountains of Honduras, long weeks without mobile network, trying to catch any internet and then we have received an email. That my beloved papa very suddenly passed away. This is the worst in travelling. That you are far, far away. 

Jippiiih. Die nächste große Reise in Taka-Tuka-Land (Südsee)

The next BiiiiiiiG trip

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We said: Just do it? So we just did it! Last night we booked the flights for our next long, big, family, amazing trip. – Where to?!? – everybody asks.